February 19th, 2008


(no subject)

There is something i have noticed about myself in these last couple of weeks.  
I am prideful....  me and my friend made a childrens story for ap lit.  she pretty much wrote it, the two lines i wrote pretty much ruined the story to her, but i kept it in when i created the final draft.  the only reason i even bothered putting an effort into it was so that people would look at the pictures and comment on them.  I worked so hard on those freaking pictures that i haven't done my government homework in over a week.  I am falling behind and i fear i may be close to failing.  I sat here for hours trying to make it perfect.   was it fucking worth it?  
I am lazy... whenever i decide that i am going to change and be a better person and whatnot.  I last a week, maybe two tops... i just don't have the will power to do what i should.  

and something else... isn't senior year supposed to be the shit?  isn't it supposed to be fun, the year we look back on and smile?  isn't it supposed to be a big deal, the last year of our high school career?  should i really be this freaked out?