day_to_day_life (day_to_day_life) wrote,

i don't really want to talk to anyone right now but i have a lot on my mind.  now that i am very limited in what i can do to distract myself i am reminded of how much i miss my friends.  i am laying here in bed staring at my wheel chair gleaming from the glow of my computer screen amazed at how quickly plans can just crumble and blow away with the wind. 

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    *laughing* "its like golden bells, at least to me anyway" "I feel like I am going to fall" "I wouldn't let you"

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    FrenchMafia15 (4:23:54 PM): ok i need advice FrenchMafia15 (4:23:59 PM): lol TropicanaAna66 (4:24:12 PM): advice? FrenchMafia15…

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    okay i cried today for the first time since living in the dorm. i think i did pretty good with that. my calculator went missing and i have no money…

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