day_to_day_life (day_to_day_life) wrote,

so... here i am.  night two of my college experience and i am all alone.  Kirstin left to go home to see her dad and pick up some more stuff so i have the room to myself.  I am not sure if i am happy about it or not at this point.  It is kinda nice to have some alone time, but at the same time it is lonely.  According to some people some guy killed himself in my room a few years ago.  which is happy and ever so uplifting.

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    *laughing* "its like golden bells, at least to me anyway" "I feel like I am going to fall" "I wouldn't let you"

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    i don't really want to talk to anyone right now but i have a lot on my mind. now that i am very limited in what i can do to distract myself i am…

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    FrenchMafia15 (4:23:54 PM): ok i need advice FrenchMafia15 (4:23:59 PM): lol TropicanaAna66 (4:24:12 PM): advice? FrenchMafia15…

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