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I had the weirdest dream last night that i was in the olympics.  If that isn't strange enough, i won the gold.  Which is crazy on a level most people can't even begin to understand because there is no sport known to man kind that i could actually win.  haha.  but anyway, while i was there i was like wtf why doesn't anyone care that i am a gold medal winner in the freaking olympics.  None of my family or friends are there to cheer me on or anything.  So i go home, which is a cool combination of my last three houses and my family is all there,  but they still aren't excited to see me at all.  It bums me out a lot cause this win is a big deal for me obviously.  Then my mom starts bitching at me because i wasn't there for the first part of this reality game show thing that she and the rest of my family had created when i left.  After i go downstairs i notice that there are only two people left in the game and i jump right into the whole thing like i know what is going on.  I start throwing paint soaked sponges at them as they ride fake horses back and forth across the room.  I am not even sure what the point was but thats what i did and people were actually cheering for me now so i kept going.  Then... kelsey woke me up with a text saying she loved me! haha.  it was a nice way to end the dream.  

Then at noonish i talked to frenchy who i miss very much.  His hometown is freaking beautiful and I hope he realizes how damn lucky he is to have a life like that.  I don't even have a hometown.  I mean i was born here, and i spend the first 5 years of my life about 5 or 10 min from where i live at the moment.  

It is pretty amazing how despite all that we have done in the past couple of years, we ended up back where we started, only to begin a new life at college.  

p.s. i'm back

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