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okay... so my school district has made the news two more times recently.  no shakespear this time, but bus drivers were involved in both cases.  One is that a bus drive sexualy assulted a girl and a different bus driver got in a physical fight with like 3 girls on the bus...... the video of the latter is truely stunning.  Girls are freaking brats.  There is no way in hell that i am letting my little sister go to that high school... i will kidnap her and move her far away before i let that happen.

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    *laughing* "its like golden bells, at least to me anyway" "I feel like I am going to fall" "I wouldn't let you"

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    i don't really want to talk to anyone right now but i have a lot on my mind. now that i am very limited in what i can do to distract myself i am…

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    FrenchMafia15 (4:23:54 PM): ok i need advice FrenchMafia15 (4:23:59 PM): lol TropicanaAna66 (4:24:12 PM): advice? FrenchMafia15…

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